WINDErs and cutters (agricultural)


Machine to roll and fold cloth.

  • Due to its special fabric folding system, this machine is designed to roll widthways and lengthways.
  • It can be supplied with a cradle of rollers for small-diameter fabric pieces or with pneumatic unrolling arms for large-diameter fabric rolls.


  • Adjustable cloth rolls tightening system.
  • Adjustable rolling speed (0-35metres/minute).
  • Pneumatic fabric rod aligning system and driven by photocells.
  • Metre counter with realy output.


Special machine to roll and fold kind fabric.

  • This machine has been designed to roll any kind of fabric lengthways and widthways, thanks to its special fabric folding system.
  • It is equipped with touching guide edges, for its perfect alignment.
  • System for fabric alignment, with movement from left to right for fabric alignment and driven by photocells. 
  • Variable speed depending on the material to be rolled from 0 to 35 mtrs/minute.
  • Adjustable fabric tension depending on the quantity of fabric.
  • It is available with rolls cot for small diametre pieces of fabric or with unrolling pneumatic arms for larger diametre pieces of fabric.
  • This machine is equipped with metres counter clock with RELE output, which allows to pre selection the number of metres to be rolled.
  • Control board with push buttons of starting, stopping and safety stop, systems of alignment, etc.
  • It is also equipped with race end to drive the compensating fabric system. 
  • Safety system following CE rules.


  • Machine to roll any kind of mesh fabric for the agricultural sector.
  • Very compact, fast and effective for large productions.
  • Machine equipped with a digital screen to programme the operations: starting and stopping the machine, metres counter and measures preselection, starting and stopping plastifizer.
  • With several useful fabric width capacities from 3.200mm until 1.600mm and rolls capacity in cot and rolling of 900mm de diametre.
  • Unroller system in front to set the fabric roll to be rolled and electronic synchronization between the unroller and the roller it is equipped with touching guide edges for the fabric perfect alignment and automatic plastifizer in front for the whole finishing of the rolling.
  • This machine also incorporates metres counter driven by encoder that allows us to pre selection the number of metres to be rolled very easily and allows to stop the machine at the pre selectionned measure.
  • The machine incorporates speed electronic variator that allows us to adjust the fabric rolling speed from 0 to 34mtrs/minute.