As our name says, our company is located in Albaida, a town close to the textile industry. Therefore, it was created in 1991 to supply the machinery market in this sector.


Due to the loyalty of our customers and our customers, and the motivation to improve every day, we have been growing both in infrastructure and machinery, as well as in human resources, adapting to new technologies, thus creating competent and high quality machinery.


The work of the company, from the beginning, has been a service of construction of auxiliary machinery that adapts to the needs of the moment. Year after year we have been adapting our service to the sector. We have specialized in the construction of machinery for the manufacture of fabric samples, due to the demand, although our versatility allows us to adapt to the needs and to be expanding, thus having a wide variety of services. 





Our technical office is composed of several areas:

The technical team is in charge of making a detailed study of each of the projects requested by our customers.


The technical office coordinates from the design to the manufacture of each of the parts that make up the machine, passing them through rigorous quality inspections until its financing and certifies that it meets all the requirements set by the European Union, thus ensuring the highest quality of the product.


Our technicians are in permanent contact with institutions and associations related to the machine building sector, such as AMTEX and FEMEVAL, of which we are members. This relationship allows us to know the latest trends in the sector and to adapt to the new technologies and innovations that are presented in order to offer the best guarantee in the manufacture of our products.


For us, our history is very important, and therefore, to change our brand image we wanted to maintain some elements, in this case, the circumferences with the straight line guides.



Thanks to our evolution and constant work every day, our efforts flourish.


We have many projects around the world. Many companies rely on our work and we have created alliances in different countries, thus allowing us to be part of them.


Our machines and maintenance have reached Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Colombia, Brazil, the United States and Mexico.


We have new projects in hand with great enthusiasm and wish to expand more and more.