fabric winders


Machine the roll and fold cloth.

  • Due to its special fabric folding system, this machine is desgned to roll widthways and lengthways.
  • It can be supplied with a cradle of rollers for small-diameter fabric pieces or with pneumatic unrolling arms for large-diameter fabric rolls.


  • Adjustable cloth rolls tightening system.
  • Adjustable rolling speed (0-35metres/minute).
  • Pneumatic fabric rod aligning system and driven by photocells.
  • Metre counter with relay output.

Rolling machine to roll fabric from a roll to another, with the following figures:

  • Electronic speed adjuster, from 0 to 30 m.
  • Electronic counter.
  • Pre-selector of measurements.
  • Start, stop and safety stop push buttons.
  • Rotation direction selector.
  • Fabric capacity: rolls of 350mm diameter X 3.200mm long.

Different measurements can be produced according to the costumer requirements.



Machine to roll any kind of fabric from roll to roll with automatic cutting of the fabric, pre selection of measures and metres counter.

With several useful fabric width capacities until 1.600mm and rolls capacity in cot of 450mm diametre and 260mm diametre in rolling.

The unrolling of the fabric is fed by rolling cot supplies the rolling in a continuous and regular way. It also includes a quick manual extraction system of the fabric to be rolled.

The two lateral limits which are mounted in the machine assure the perfect rolling of the fabric.

Automatic cutting system with circular blade, this machine is equipped with metres counter driven by encoder which allows us to pre selection the number of metres to be rolled, cut very easily, stop the machine at the selecttionned measure and make the cutting. For the accomplishment of the cutting the machine has got a fabric pressing device with safety system, a gear teeth lineal guide that ensures a perfect cutting and a circular blade of 200mm diametre.

It is also eqquiped with speed variator driven by power supply that allows us to adjust the speed from 0 to 34 metres/minute.

Control board with push buttons of starting, stopping and first cutting.

Sense of rotation forwards or backwards, etc.

This machine can be manufactured in different measures depending on the customers requirements.


Machine for rolling fabric from one roll to 2 rolls. From a fan-folder rollof fabric, this machine produces 2 ultrasonic cut rolls.



  • Electronic counter driven by encoder with pre selection of measures.
  • Electronic speed adjuster, driven by outside power supply from 0 to 20 metres/minute.
  • Push button of starting.
  • Push button for security Z.
  • Sense of turning selector (forwards-backwards, only in the roll to be cut).
  • Fabric capacity: In cot: 500mm diameter. In rolling 300mm diameter.
  • Fabric capacity rolls: 1.700 mm length.
  • Safety system following CE rules.


  • 1.000mm high.
  • 1.000mm wide.
  • 2.200mm length aprox.